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4615-AA Container Discharger

Container Dischargers

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Container Dischargers



  • 60° dump angle, 150° rotation.
  • Pallet jack loadable design.
  • Vertical swing height of less than 10′.
  • 2,500# capacity.
  • Discharges at 12″ above floor level.
  • Chamferred box loading guides on skip for easy loading.
  • Custom pallet jack portable base.
  • Features MTS exclusive two-speed operation for reduced equipment cycle times.
  • Lift & Seal System™ seals box to the pour hood to prevent product contamination.
  • 304-2b stainless steel pour hood, with continuous TIG welds.
  • Pour hood includes gasketed inspection door.
  • Fully mounted 16″ square pneumatically actuated twin cylinder roller gate at discharge.
  • Rigid stainless steel hydraulic lines are used where possible.
  • 3″ diameter pivot shaft with piloted flange bearings.


  • Hoffman NEMA 4 control enclosure with momentary contact controls.
  • Allen-Bradley “Zero-Force” touch button for added operator safety.
  • IFM Efector quick-disconnect proximity switches.
  • Parker 5 GPM pumping unit driven by a 5 HP Baldor TEFC motor.
  • Parker pumping unit provides smooth, quiet, and reliable operation. Power unit housed in an enclosure for easy cleaning.

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