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4739-DL Lift & Dump Drum Discharger

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Lift & Dump Drum Dischargers



  • 100” dump height, 60° discharge angle.

  • 2,000# operational capacity.

  • Open pour chute tapered to a 65” wide discharge opening.

  • Pour chute design prevents foreign material from entering the product stream.

  • Loading skip includes forks that accept the dough trough manually rolled in at floor level.

  • Unit includes removable polycarbonate safety guarding panels and photoelectric sensors.

  • Lifting carriage is guided by cam rollers on a heavy-duty flat bar track for smooth and precise operation.

  • Product contact surfaces are 304 stainless steel with continuous TIG welds.

  • Washdown duty carbon steel tubular construction with continuous welds.

  • Pivot carriage rotates on four-bolt corrosion resistant nickel-plated flange bearings.

  • Rigid stainless steel hydraulic lines.


  • Totally self contained 3 GPM hydraulic pumping unit with Parker hydraulic valving.

  • Hydraulic system housed in an enclosure for easy equipment cleaning.

  • Controls mounted in a Hoffman NEMA 4X stainless steel enclosure.

  • Includes timed auto pivot control feature.

  • IFM Efector proximity switches with quick disconnect cord sets.

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