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4766-AD Lift & Dump Drum Discharger

Lift & Dump Drum Dischargers

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Lift & Dump Drum Dischargers



  • 1200# lifting capacity.
  • 200 7/8″ dump height out of bucket.142″ final product discharge height.
  • 50° discharge angle, 140° rotation.
  • Flat bottom carbon steel skip for easy floor level drum loading.
  • Hydraulically actuated discharge chute pivots away from dumper to allow for mixer rotational clearance.
  • Hydraulically actuated chute provides 60½” of reach.
  • Side load design discharges 90° to the right of the load side.
  • MTS Guided Trunnion System™ and flexible nylon energy chain protect hydraulic and electrical lines.
  • Heavy-duty I-beam and structural channel frame construction.
  • Bolt down stationary design for indoor use in an industrial, foundry environment.
  • Bolt-on ¼” thick heat shields on discharge side.
  • Hydraulic hoses included high temperature shielding.
  • Flattened expanded metal safety caging on three sides with electrically interlocked load doors.


  • NEMA 12 rated, Allen-Bradley electricals.
  • Momentary contact controls, with extra remote control station.
  • Parker 5 GPM hydraulic pumping unit with MTS exclusive two-speed operation.

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