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5591-AA Container Discharger

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Container Dischargers



  • 45° dump angle, 135° rotation.
  • 5,000# operational capacity.
  • Unit seals gaylord of iron powder to pour hood, inverts container and discharges at 108” above ground level.
  • Air actuated 12” slide gate on outlet of pour hood.
  • Pivot shaft mounted in spherical roller bearings.
  • Tubular construction with continuous welds.
  • Lift & Seal System™ seals gaylord to the pour hood to prevent product contamination.
  • Seal carriage features heavy-duty sealed cam rollers on flat bar track for smooth operation.
  • 304-2b stainless steel pour hood with continuous TIG welds, product contact welds ground and polished smooth.
  • Pour hood includes a fully integrated pneumatic non-impacting linear vibrator.


  • Designed for Class II, Division II, Group E service.
  • Hoffman NEMA 4 nitrogen purged control enclosure.
  • Explosion proof TEFC motor, 5 GPM Parker hydraulic system with MTS exclusive two-speed operation.

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