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5684-AD Lift & Dump Drum Discharger

Lift & Dump Drum Dischargers

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Lift & Dump Drum Dischargers



  • Discharges gun powder from a variety of drums and containers at 108” above floor level.

  • Base of dump chute features custom stainless steel “forks” to allow containers to be lifted off a roller conveyor system.

  • Pneumatically actuated doors allow for side loading with roller conveyor.

  • Discharge chute includes diverters which direct product into one of two open top hoppers.

  • Frame constructed from continuously welded structural tube with cross bracing.

  • 304-2b stainless steel material contact surfaces.

  • Guided trunnion lifting system, rigid conduit and stainless steel hydraulic lines.

  • Lift carriage guided by stainless steel cam rollers on a stainless steel flat bar track.


  • NEMA 7/9 cast aluminum explosion proof control enclosure.

  • Auto/manual mode controls, Allen-Bradley electrical components.

  • 10 GPM Parker continuous duty hydraulic unit with fan driven heat exchanger.

  • Pumping unit powered by 10 HP 460v/3ph/60Hz explosion-proof motor.

  • Unit includes the MTS exclusive two-speed hydraulic circuit for reduced equipment cycle times and extended equipment life.

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