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5739-AR Lift & Dump Container Discharger

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Container Dischargers



  • Discharges, feeds, and fills product into 20 lb. bags and 50 lb. boxes.

  • 3,000 lb operational capacity, 60° discharge angle.

  • Continuously welded tubular carbon steel frame with USDA approved Steel-It™ finish.

  • 304-2b stainless steel receiving hopper with fully integrated material agitator at outlet.

  • Unit features the MTS exclusive Lift & Seal™ system for sealed product discharge.

  • 304-2b stainless steel product contact surfaces with welds ground and polished smooth.

  • High-speed vibratory feeder supplies the filling system with a consistent flow of material.

  • MTS exclusive two-speed hydraulic circuit and patented Control-Link™ Rotation system provide smooth pivot carriage rotation.

  • Gain-in-weight scale system with integrated digital weight indicator allows for precision filling of bags or containers.


  • Allen-Bradley electricals throughout.

  • Auto/Manual mode controls.

  • Premium quality 5 GPM hydraulic pumping system.

  • NEMA 4 Hoffman electrical enclosure.

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