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6181-AE Bulk Bag Discharger

Bulk Bag Dischargers | Existing Loading Method Bulk Bag Dischargers

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Existing Loading Method Bulk Bag Dischargers



  • Utilizes customer’s existing hoist and bag lifting frame.
  • Unit features a custom footprint to match customer’s existing support structure.
  • Unit is approximately 72” wide x 48” deep x 30½” high.
  • Our exclusive Flo-Master™ “breaker bar” massaging system breaks up material allowing material to discharge from the bag discharge spout.
  • Includes a protective bellows system around the massager cylinder rods to prevent contamination from entering the cylinders.
  • Massaging frames actuated by large bore Parker pneumatic cylinders.
  • Unit includes a 304 stainless steel bulk bag support pan for operator safety.
  • Unit has air piloted, intrinsically safe valves and controls.
  • Controls housed in a water-tight carbon steel Hoffman enclosure mounted on the main frame.
  • Continuously welded carbon steel construction with a high performance, acrylic urethane finish.

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