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6456-AR Bulk Bag Discharger

Bulk Bag Dischargers | Integrated Hoist Bulk Bag Dischargers

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Integrated Hoist Bulk Bag Dischargers



  • Main frame is 69” square x 244” tall. 

  • Frame sections are 4” square x 1/4” wall structural tube, all welds continuous. 

  • 2-ton Harrington electric chain hoist with motorized trolley and nylon energy chain package. 

  • Spider-Lift™ bulk bag lifting frame. 

  • Flo-Master™ bulk bag massaging system with exclusive welded, tubular arm design. 

  • Flo-Lock™ slide gate quickly halts material flow allowing for bag retying, removal, and replacement. 

  • Sure-Seal™ system pneumatically clamps bag discharge spout against transition inlet for dust-tight product discharge. 

  • Seal Master™ bag spout access chamber includes 12” diameter discharge transition with 8” diameter flanged outlet. Rear of chamber includes 4” diameter dust take off stub with cap. 

  • Unit features an 8” diameter rotary valve with guarding and a nozzle for flexible connection to drum filler inlet. 

  • Drum filling frame is manually adjustable and includes an actuated fill head, gravity roller conveyor, and densification system. 

  • Drum filler features an NTEP approved gain-in-weight scale system with a digital weight instrument, load cells, and a 4-20ma output module. 

  • Unit includes an ergonomic operator work access platform for easier access to bag spout chamber. 

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