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6488-AA Container Discharger

Container Dischargers

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Container Dischargers



  • 3,500# operational capacity.
  • 57″ discharge height, 45° discharge angle.
  • 60” wide x 48” deep loading skip.
  • Heavy wall tubular frame construction with structural bracing and continuous welds.
  • Unit includes a mechanical safety lock-out/tag out system for maintenance or cleaning beneath the equipment.
  • Heavy plate steel dump bucket with structural reinforcements for strength.
  • Reinforced 3” diameter carbon steel pivot shaft with piloted flange bearings.
  • Dual long stroke side mounted pivot cylinders for smooth bucket rotation.
  • Carbon steel cleaned, and then painted MTS Safety Blue using a two-part epoxy finish.


  • Hoffman NEMA 12 control enclosure with stack light. Externally mounted transformer.
  • Fused, lockable Allen/Bradley disconnect for 5 HP, 460v/3ph/60Hz pumping unit motor.
  • 5 GPM Parker hydraulic system with carbon steel hydraulic enclosure.
  • Hydraulic system includes “zero pressure” state option, with all required valving and plumbing.

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