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Powerfill FIBC Filling Systems



  • Carbon steel product contact surfaces.
  • Heavy-duty tubular carbon steel frame construction for strength and durability.
  • MTS exclusive column shrouding package with neoprene column cover.
  • Unit has a 4,000# capacity.
  • 3” diameter dust take-off with actuated butterfly valve vents displaced air.
  • Hydraulic Power-Lift™ system positions fill head for ergonomic bag connection.
  • Lift actuator package includes an adjustable “fill position” proximity switch.
  • Easy-Load™ bag hanger system rotates, allowing operator to connect all four bag loops while standing in one position.
  • Loop-Lok™ powered bag strap release system is safe, and adjusts in seconds without tools.
  • Inflatable USDA/FDA approved spout seal creates a dust-tight connection to the bag fill spout.
  • Inflatable spout seal is actuated by an ergonomic foot pedal.
  • Unit includes a powered roller conveyor in filler base with fixed speed drive.
  • Pallet sensing photocell interlocked to disallow fill cycle start unless pallet is present.
  • Unit includes 5′ long gravity roller discharge conveyor with supports & end stop.
  • Gain-in-weight scale system with NTEP approved load cells.
  • Includes control panel with digital weight indicator for remote mounting by customer. 

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