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6722-AA Container Discharger

Container Dischargers

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Container Dischargers



  • Equipment footprint is 100” wide (load side) x 220” deep with a 170” swing height.
  • Heavy-duty tubular carbon steel frame construction with continuous welds.
  • Unit features stainless steel product contact surfaces.
  • 2,500# maximum capacity.
  • Lift & Seal System™ hydraulically docks container to pour hood inlet for sealed product discharge.
  • Unit rotates, docking pour hood mounted slide gate to stationary hopper at 70” above floor level.
  • Stainless steel hopper includes a rigid, stainless steel, horizontal screw conveyor for controlled discharge of product.
  • Hopper features an inlet valve with level sensors to facilitate automatic mode operation.
  • Safety features include two (2) sides of acrylic machine guarding and a light curtain on load side of unit.


  • 5 HP, 5 GPM Parker hydraulic pumping unit with MTS exclusive two-speed hydraulic circuit.
  • Hydraulic thermal heat exchanger to prevent and protect system from overheating.
  • Hydraulic system includes a “Zero-Pressure” feature which “de-energizes” equipment during maintenance by returning residual cylinder pressure back to reservoir.
  • NEMA 4 carbon steel Hoffman brand electrical enclosure with Allen-Bradley touch-screen operator interface and PLC system for auto-mode operation.

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