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6927-AE Bulk Bag Discharger

Bulk Bag Dischargers | Existing Loading Method Bulk Bag Dischargers

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Existing Loading Method Bulk Bag Dischargers



  • Bulk bags to be loaded and supported during discharge by customer’s existing hoist and bag lifting frame.

  • Unit is approximately 69” wide x 138” tall.

  • Unit features our exclusive Flo-Master™ bag massaging system which breaks up material, promoting positive material flow into downstream process.

  • Unit features our exclusive, 304 stainless steel, Seal-Master™ bag spout access chamber with “gull wing” doors for optimal access to the bag discharge spout.

  • Unit features our exclusive, 304 stainless steel, Sure-Seal™ spout clamping system for dust-tight material discharge.

  • Sure-Seal™ system includes a protective bellows around the cylinder rods for prolonged cylinder life.

  • Unit features a 304-2b stainless steel product discharge transition.

  • Massaging frames are powder coated Safety Yellow and actuated by 4” bore pneumatic cylinders.

  • Unit includes a 304-2b stainless steel bulk bag pan with tubular steel supports for operator safety.

  • Controls are housed in a NEMA 4 rated electrical enclosure within the equipment framework.

  • Continuously welded carbon steel construction using an industrial PPG DTM Durethane finishing system.

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