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7104-AA Container Discharger

Container Dischargers

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Container Dischargers



  • Unit constructed of heavy-duty carbon steel.
  • Loading skip is 52” wide x 42” deep.
  • 2,500# operational capacity.
  • 48″ discharge height, 7” projection.
  • 45° discharge angle, 135° bucket rotation.
  • Welds on interior of loading skip are ground smooth, chute tapered to a 40” wide at discharge opening.
  • Five position adjustable container hold down system.
  • Dual rear mounted pivot cylinders for smooth bucket rotation.
  • Unit features twin perforated metal guards on two (2) sides of the unit.


  • Allen-Bradley electrical controls.
  • Hoffman NEMA 4 enclosure with electrical disconnect.
  • Unit features a pendant control for pivot and reverse pivot.
  • 2 GPM hydraulic system with TEFC motor.

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