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7542-MC Bulk Bag Conditioner


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  • The industries’ most robust construction and compact footprint. 

  • 117” wide x 82” deep x 101” high. 

  • Robust tubular steel pivoting conditioning arms safely and efficiently return your solidified materials to a free-flowing state. 

  • Patented system outperforms less durable opposing sheet metal platen designs. 

  • Designed utilizing finite element analysis for durability, dependability, and safety. 

  • “V-shaped” tubular conditioning arm profiles provide maximum material penetration for unmatched results. 

  • Powered rotary lift table with 36” of travel and 4,000# capacity allows complete conditioning of a wide range of bag sizes. 

  • Lift table includes a stainless steel cover for wear surface protection. 

  • Unit includes a lift table front guard for protection from forklift damage. 

  • Clear acrylic guarding is provided on three (3) sides with a load side light curtain for operator safety. 

  • Unit features accordion style skirting to protect the hydraulic and electrical systems in the base of the lift table. Stainless steel covers for the lift table base are also included. 


  • NEMA 4 electrical enclosure with fully automated Panelview touch screen and PLC controls 

  • Hydraulic system includes a Parker unit with dual pumps, carbon steel reservoir and a 5 HP motor. 

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