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Powerfill FIBC Filling Systems




  • 304-2b stainless steel product contact surfaces. 

  • Unit designed to fill bulk bags, and 89” tall metal bins. 

  • Heavy-duty tubular carbon steel frame construction for strength and durability. 

  • Includes the MTS exclusive column shrouding package with neoprene column cover. 

  • 3” diameter dust take-off with actuated butterfly valve vents displaced air. 

  • Bag inflation system includes a 750 CFM blower package with inlet air filter, and a 4” diameter pneumatic actuated butterfly valve for maximum bag fill volume. 

  • Fill head includes a vibrating product level sensor. 

  • Hydraulic Power-Lift™ system with VFD, positions the fill head for ergonomic bag connection, and stretches the bulk bag during filling for enhanced bag stability. 

  • Easy-Load™ bag hanger system rotates, allowing operator to connect all four bag loops while standing in one position. 

  • Loop-Lok™ powered bag strap release system is safe and adjusts in seconds without tools. 

  • An inflatable USDA/FDA approved spout seal creates a dust-tight connection to the bag fill spout. 

  • The inflatable spout seal is actuated by a push button switch conveniently located near the fill head. 

  • Unit includes a heavy-duty densification system with VFD to accommodate both bulk bags and metal bins. 

  • Gain-in-weight scale system with NTEP approved load cells. 

  • NEMA 12 electrical enclosure with air conditioning system for internal temperature control. 

  • Remote Allen-Bradley PLC controls with a color Panelview operator interface provide easy access to system status, recipes, and operational parameters. 

  • A custom 8” diameter rigid, stainless steel telescopic fill tube (not shown) transitions the product flow from the main product distribution system to the Powerfill™ filler inlet. 

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