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7984-AE Bulk Bag Discharger

Bulk Bag Dischargers | Fork-Lift Loaded Bulk Bag Dischargers

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Fork-Lift Loaded Bulk Bag Dischargers



  • Unit is 69” square x 127 – 163” tall, adjustable for multiple bulk bag sizes.

  • Unit is loaded by a customer furnished fork lift. Bag frame safely nests in pockets located on the upper frame.

  • Unit includes a heavy duty bulk bag forklift load frame.

  • Unit is bolt down, stationary design.

  • System is provided with modular frame sections for future flexibility. Rounded connection flanges are provided.

  • Main support structure is constructed of 3” and 4” square x ¼” wall carbon steel structural tube with continuous welds and painted with standard blue Durethane finish.

  • Unit is designed for a 4,000# product capacity.

  • Carbon steel bulk bag support pan with welded tubular supports for operator safety.

  • Aluminum Seal-Master™ 24” O.D. bag spout access chamber with “gull wing” style doors enables optimal operator access to bag discharge spout.

  • Seal-Master™ spout access chamber includes a 4” dust takeoff stub.

  • 18” diameter carbon steel discharge transition with paint finish. Includes a 24” long FDA approved rubber tube (not shown) for connection to existing process.

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