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8262-AB Lift & Dump Container Discharger

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  • 161” discharge height, 19” projection.
  • Accepts containers and discharges contents at a 60° angle.
  • Unit has 5,000# lifting capacity.
  • Heavy-duty tubular carbon steel construction with continuous welds.
  • Unit features 6″ and 8″ structural tube, with main lifting frame constructed using 6″ Hevi-Rail channel with Hevi-rail flanged axial bearing rollers designed for use with the 6″ Hevi-Rail channel.
  • 304-2b stainless steel pour hood equipped with a 12” diameter pneumatically actuated butterfly valve with a cast iron body.
  • Unit features our exclusive heavy-duty guided trunnion system, nylon energy chain, rigid conduit, and rigid hydraulic lines for durability.
  • Lift & Seal System ™ hydraulically docks container to pour hood for sealed product discharge.
  • MTS exclusive two-speed hydraulic system provides excellent rotational control, and extended equipment life.


  • Unit includes NEMA 12 electricals, NEMA 12
  • carbon steel junction box with terminal blocks to allow for customer PLC control.
  • Remote mounted 10HP/10 GPM Parker hydraulic pumping unit with a carbon steel drip pan.

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