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2478-AD Lift & Dump Drum Discharger

Lift & Dump Drum Dischargers

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Lift & Dump Drum Dischargers



Discharge 55 gallon drums of chemical powders into an existing receiving hopper at a height of 130″. Drums weighed 250# when filled, and varied in height and diameter. Unit was floor loaded and discharged in a dust tight, controlled manner.


Drum dumper included an eccentric 304 stainless steel pour cone with a 2b finish. Eccentric cone design allowed unit to accept drums from 21-24″ diameter without the use of an adaptor.

Pour cone included a fully mounted 6″ pneumatically actuated Bray butterfly valve. Dumper was designed for 135° rotation, with a 45 ° angle of discharge.

Our exclusive MTS Lift & Seal System™ provided push-button, dust-tight sealing of drums to the fixed pour cone. The Lift & Seal System™ eliminates the unreliable, and time consuming method of manually clamping drums to a hinged pour cone. The Lift and Seal System™ allowed the unit to accept drums from 39-41″ high without additional operator effort.

The carbon steel structural channel frame was painted with a white industrial epoxy. The power pack consisted of a Baldor 2HP high efficiency TEFC motor with a self-contained 2 GPM hydraulic system. Rigid hydraulic lines were used. A NEMA 4X stainless steel junction box was supplied to allow for integration with existing equipment and controls.

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