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7577-AD Lift & Dump Drum Discharger

Lift & Dump Drum Dischargers

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Lift & Dump Drum Dischargers



  • Unit is 72” wide x 136” deep x 231” tall. 

  • Unit has a 142” discharge height. 

  • Designed for a 2,000# lifting capacity. 

  • Unit features a 30” discharge projection. 

  • Seal carriage features a gravity roller conveyor in-feed system for easy drum loading. 

  • Unit seals drum to the pour cone, lifts, rotates, and seals to a custom docking transition with outlet nozzle. 

  • Patented Control Link™ Rotation System for controlled 180° pivot carriage rotation. 

  • Lift & Seal System™ provides dust-tight product discharge. 

  • Stainless steel pour cone with continuous TIG welds which is ground smooth. 

  • Pour cone features an 8” diameter pneumatically actuated Dezurik knife gate valve. 

  • Valve discharge nozzle includes an inflatable docking seal for dust-tight sealing to docking nozzle. 

  • Igus brand E-chain, guided trunnion, rigid conduit and stainless steel hydraulic lines. 

  • Heavy-duty tubular carbon steel frame construction with continuous welds. 

  • Flattened expanded metal safety caging on three sides with load side light curtain for operator safety. 


  • NEMA 12 electrical system with PLC program, auto/manual controls, and CUL 508A certification. 

  • 5 GPM Parker premium quality hydraulic pumping unit with protective enclosure. 

  • Pumping unit powered by 5 HP TEFC motor. 

  • Unit includes the MTS exclusive two-speed hydraulic system for a smooth, controlled rotation. 

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